Book a flat

Three steps are necessary before the hand over key


Step 1: Get in touch

Contact us to inform us of rental dates and the desired apartment. If you have no precise idea, we would appreciate if you gave us as much information as possible, like the number of rooms you are looking for, location of the flat etc.


Step 2: The booking procedure

  • To prepar a booking contract we will need a copy of passeport or id card of each tenant.
  • You will have to send us back signed the booking contract
  • To book the apartment you will have to send a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent to the owner. In the event of cancellation from your side, the deposit will not be returned.

From the time we send you the booking contract, you will have 5 days to process to the signing and payment of first month rent.


Step 3: Contract Signature and Occupying the premises

  • Inventory of fixtures in our presence.
  • Payment of a deposit equivalent to 2 months rent
  • Signature of the lease in English.
  • Taking possession of the place with the handover of the keys